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A moment of reflection.

The combination of present, past and future.

I took this picture at American University during a bright, sunny day. The colors of the tree and of the surrounding environment are very well rendered by the camera, due to the time of day in which it was taken and to the upward angle which I decided to use. In terms of subject and layout it is relatively simple because I only decided to focus on the tree and the building behind it as opposed to photographing a wider array of things.  I decided to take it by using this particular angle because it renders very aptly and powerfully the height of the tree, and it also shows the shadows which light casts upon it. The tree as of itself is of great importance to me, because it metaphorically reconnects me to my roots, and at the same time represents what I can become, if the tree decides to develop further. Also, it represents my present, as I stop to ponder about my past, and await my future.


About andreamigliorisi

Determined 19 year old student, pianist and writer.



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